• Hole 10
  • Hole 10 - 2
  • Hole 10 - 3

Hole Ten

  • Par 5
  • 505 yards 489 yards 411 yards
  • Stroke Index 11 Men 11 Ladies 


The final par 5 hole, and relatively simple in comparison to the previous one – at least on paper, that is. A tee shot to the left is blocked out from the green, and miss the green left or right and a tricky chip shot is left to a narrow green.

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Pro's tip

Keep your drive down the right hand side of this fairway which slopes from right to left. Play your second shot towards the right greenside bunker allowing it to run down onto the green.

Saffron Walden is one of the most respected clubs in the region. It was, along with Gog Magog and Links Newmarket, one of the ‘originals’.

Ian Bamborough
Head Pro at Gog Magog