• Hole 7

Hole Seven

  • Par 3
  • 197 yards 178 yards 164 yards
  • Stroke Index 8 Men 14 Ladies 


The longest par 3 on the course, a long iron in is usually required to hit the green. 5 bunkers guard the green, not to mention a number of trees left and right should you not catch the ball out of the middle of the club!

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Pro's tip

A good solid shot required. The green generally runs from back left to front right.

Saffron Walden is what I would call a proper members’ club, it’s very well kept and it looks in lovely condition from the moment you turn into the car park. I enjoyed the round very much and thought it was a very fair test. The 17th was the toughest hole, but I liked the 13th as well. A few tees forced you to take less club to position your ball on the fairway, but I think that is a huge plus in the design. It’s a place that makes you think on every shot.

Rob Brightman
Head Pro at Millbrook