• Hole 18
  • Hole 18 - 2
  • Hole 18 - 3

Hole Eighteen

  • Par 3
  • 183 yards 165 yards 144 yards
  • Stroke Index 16


Bunkers litter the final hole on the course, not to mention the clubhouse being a large out of bounds target beyond the green! A stunning view of Saffron Walden Church greets you on the tee, while an undulating green awaits to conclude a hopefully very enjoyable round.

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Pro's tip

The green slopes considerably from front to back and also slightly from left to right. Any shot that carries over the green is in danger of finishing out of bounds.

Saffron Walden is what I would call a proper members’ club, it’s very well kept and it looks in lovely condition from the moment you turn into the car park. I enjoyed the round very much and thought it was a very fair test. The 17th was the toughest hole, but I liked the 13th as well. A few tees forced you to take less club to position your ball on the fairway, but I think that is a huge plus in the design. It’s a place that makes you think on every shot.

Rob Brightman
Head Pro at Millbrook