• Hole 18
  • Hole 18 - 2
  • Hole 18 - 3

Hole Eighteen

  • Par 3
  • 179 yards 158 yards 140 yards
  • Stroke Index 17 Men 17 Ladies 


Bunkers litter the final hole on the course, not to mention the clubhouse being a large out of bounds target beyond the green! A stunning view of Saffron Walden Church greets you on the tee, while an undulating green awaits to conclude a hopefully very enjoyable round.

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Pro's tip

The green slopes considerably from front to back and also slightly from left to right. Any shot that carries over the green is in danger of finishing out of bounds.

Some people don’t like to finish with a short hole, but I think the 18th at Saffron Walden is a very strong hole. In fact, all the par-3s there are good. The 5th is the signature hole with a great view, I like the pot bunker on the 7th and the 11th has a very narrow green. It’s an extremely pleasant place to play golf.

Richard Beadles
Head Pro at Royal Worlington